The 1st Asia-pacific Shoulder & Elbow Symposium

The 44th Annual Meeting, Japan Shoulder Society

Welcome Message

  • Hiroyuki Sugaya, MD
  • Hiroyuki Sugaya, MD
    Congress President,
    The 44th Japan Shoulder Society combined with
    The 1st Asia-Pacific Shoulder & Elbow Symposium

As the Congress President of the Japan Shoulder Society 2017, it is my great pleasure to invite you to join us in Tokyo for the 44th Annual Meeting combined with the 1st Asia-Pacific Shoulder Elbow Symposium, October 6th (Fri) to 8th (Sun), 2017.

The Japan Shoulder Society has the world-longest history, however, basically Japanese spoken meeting without having foreign delegates until recently. In the wake of globalization, we gradually started accepting foreign delegates and English papers since several years ago. However, the JSS meeting is still Japanese speaking meeting mainly for Japanese delegates. The next year, I will totally change this format to international English speaking meeting basically for Asia-Pacific surgeons and therapists who have interested in treating patients with shoulder and elbow problems, inviting many leaders as faculties and accepting many delegates in this area to discuss “Pros and Cons” for patients care.

In the field of arthroplasty, we are a bit behind from other countries in terms of clinical experience and concepts. However, in spring 2014, Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty has finally approved for clinical use in Japan and so far approximately two thousands prosthesis were implanted. After two years, now we are becoming to be able to choose prosthesis based on patients and pathology because products from several companies has approved and expecting even more by the Congress next year. Therefore, I would like to invite experts from Europe and US in this field since we are eager to learn management for complicated cases or which prosthesis should be chosen according to pathology.

We look forward to your participation which will enhance the overall experience of the Congress delegates and contribute the success of this great event.

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