The 1st Asia-pacific Shoulder & Elbow Symposium

The 44th Annual Meeting, Japan Shoulder Society

Information for
Moderators and Speakers

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

The presenting author is required to disclose applicable COI by displaying a COI disclosure slide at the beginning of presentation slides (the slide after the title of presentation). For poster presentation, please display COI disclosure in the lower right of the poster panel.
Sample is available at conference website..

  • [Nothing to Disclose]

  • [Disclose]


Information for Oral Speakers

1. Presentation Time

Session Time
Oral Presentation 5 min, Q&A 3 min
Short Talk Presentation 3 min, Q&A 2 min

*The presentation time for other sessions will be announced individually.

The yellow light will be turned on 1 minute prior to the end of the presentation, and turned to the red light at the end of the presentation. Keeping the time schedule is highly appreciated. The next speaker should have the next speaker's seat when the current speaker starts the presentation.

(1) PC presentation only.

(2) Please note that the language in each session is different.

(3) Presentation data should be operated by speaker during the presentation.

2. Hardware and Software

[For speakers with a USB memory stick]

  • (1) The following operating systems are acceptable.
    OS: Windows 7 or later
    Software: Microsoft Power Point (PPT) 2007 / 2010 / 2013
  • (2) The available format of data file is:
    PPT 2007 / 2010 / 2013 (file’s name should be ended in “.ppt” or “.pptx”)
  • (3) Presentation data must be brought on a USB memory stick.

    *Name your file “Presentation Number Speaker's Name”
    ex) SE-O-1000_ Taro Tokyo.ppt

  • (4) Recommended fonts: Arial, Arial Black, Century, Century Gothic, Times New Roman
  • (5) The video Projector has a resolution of 1024×768 (XGA).
  • (6) Check your data with antivirus software in advance.
  • (7) Apple Macintosh users should use their own Macintosh computer

[For Speaker with your own laptop]

  • (1) Speakers MUST HAVE a laptop with a VGA D-Sub 15-pin output connection. The VGA D-sub 15-pin female output connection is required to connect the laptop to an external monitor and data projector. Some laptop require a special video output cable that is compatible with the laptop, to be connected to D-sub 15-pin; if your do not bring this cable, we will not be able to connect your laptop to the data projector.
  • (2) You must check the data at PC Data Desk before the presentation, especially if you bring different laptop to the one you made your presentation data.
  • (3) Deactivate the screen-saver and power-saving mode of your laptop.
  • (4) Bring your own AC adapter.
  • (5) Bring a back-up of your data just in case.
    After you finish checking your presentation, please come to the operator's desk in each conference room 30 min. prior to your presentation. The operator's desk is located near the podium.

3. Video / Audio

  • (1) If your presentation data includes moving images, please bring your own computer with an AC power cable.
  • (2) All movie data should be playable by Windows Media Player
  • (3) If your presentation contains linked audio or movie files, please save all the files in the same folder.
  • (4) If your presentation contains any audio or video, please inform the operator.

4. PC Data Desk

Please check your data at the PC Data Desk 30 minutes prior to your presentation. If you bring your own laptop, please bring it to your presentation room by yourself after checking your data at the PC Data Desk. The computer will be returned right after your presentation.

Opening Hours: October 6 (Fri) 6:00-18:00
October 6 (Fri) 6:00-18:00
October 6 (Fri) 6:00-14:00
Place: Foyer (3F, International Convention Centre PAMIR, Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa)

Information for Oral Presentation Moderators

Moderators should have the next moderator's seat which is in the front row of the room, at least 10 minutes prior to the session.

Information For Poster Presentation

1. Poster Categories

*Special Poster: Poster display and oral presentation at Poster Exhibition Hall (3F, Hokushin).
*Poster: Poster display only (no presentation)
*E-Poster: Viewing with special laptop device which is set at the Poster and Exhibition Hall (3F, Hokushin).

2. Special Poster

Speakers need to display the poster at Poster and Exhibition Hall, and also requested to make oral presentation. (Presentation 3min, Q&A 2 min)
Regarding oral presentation, please refer to the description of “Information for Oral Speaker”.

3. Poster Preparation

  • (1) Posters should be written in English.
  • (2) Oral Presentation can be either in English or Japanese

4. Set-up / Removal

The size of poster panel: 90cm (width) × 210cm (height) the text should be 160cm. Please prepare presentation title including author(s), and affiliations (70cm × 20cm), and text body.
Poster number and thumbtack will be prepared by the secretariat.

Set Up October 6 (Fri) 7:00-12:00
Removal October 8 (Sun) 11:00-12:00

*Poster left behind the “Removal time” will be discarded by secretariat.

5. E-Poster

The e-posters will be accessible to all registered attendees for viewing with the laptops which set in the Exhibition Hall (3F, Hokushin) only.
The e-poster data need to be submitted before the conference by e-poster registration system.
The data cannot be replaced after the registration period.
For more details, please check Guideline for E-Poster Presenters

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